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Our workshops are centered around tools and practices that build self-awareness and intentional action. We engage with organisations to craft anything from a ½ day one-off workshop to a year long learning journey for its leaders.

Our approach is:

  • An integrated approach to leadership (leading with the mind, heart and body)
  • Based in the science of how we learn and transform information into wisdom
  • Focused on practical action that creates lasting behavior change
  • Obsessed with creating journeys of deep impact

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Authentic Leadership: Building
self-awareness & focus

Are you looking to become a more inspirational leader? Are you seeking to better understand your values and what you stand for as a leader?

  • A clear understanding of your values and what motivates you as a leader​
  • An understanding of how the brain works and why we do what we do​
  • A short term action plan filled with small habits that enable transformation​

Integrated Leadership: Building harmony & embracing complexity

Are you trying to solve a problem that doesn't have an answer? Are you struggling with one of life's polarities? Are you seeking to build more integration?

  • An understanding of “polarity thinking” and how to manage complexity​
  • Support on how identity and manage a "live" polarity​​
  • A tailored action plan and set of practices to apply in everyday​

Resilient Leadership: Building self-management & overcoming obstacles

Are obstacles getting in your way of success? Are you seeking new ways to approach challenges? Are you looking to build more resilience as a leader?​

  • A deeper understanding on how to manage your thoughts and emotions​
  • Structured decision making tools to overcome obstacles​
  • A practice that fosters learning and supports your growth​

Rapid Learning: Building an experimental mindset to transform ideas into action

Do you have an idea you want to explore, but don't know where to start? Are you looking for to create a change? Are you looking to build an experimental mindset?

  • A new way of looking at change - an antidote to change paralysis and perfectionism
  • A build-measure-learn toolkit that can be applied to any area of your life
  • An actionable plan and support for an upcoming experiment

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