Personal leadership for organisational leaders

Because building high performing and happy teams requires more than just IQ


humans@work is a collective of doers and thinkers seeking to build human-centered organisations and redefine how we work


Through our interactive workshops and action-packed playbooks we dive into a range of handpicked leading practices on talent, teams and leadership to help you cut through the noise and define new ways of doing business

Looking for actionable ways to foster emotional intelligence in your workplace? Try our EQ@WORK playbook.

EQ@WORK is an actionable guide to help you put theory into practice and become more emotionally intelligent at work.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • EQ broken down into juicy bite-sized learning summaries
  • Actionable and practical exercises you can implement today
  • Practices designed for individuals, teams, and organisations

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Authentic Leadership: Building
self-awareness & focus

Are you looking to become a more inspirational leader? Are you seeking to better understand your values and what you stand for as a leader?

  • A clear understanding of your values and what motivates you as a leader
  • An understanding of how the brain works and why we do what we do
  • A short term action plan filled with small habits that enable transformation

Integrated Leadership: Building harmony & embracing complexity

Are you trying to solve a problem that doesn't have an answer? Are you struggling with one of life's polarities? Are you seeking to build more integration?

  • An understanding of “polarity thinking” and how to manage complexity
  • Support on how identity and manage a "live" polarity​
  • A tailored action plan and set of practices to apply in everyday

Resilient Leadership:
Building self-management & overcoming obstacles

Are obstacles getting in your way of success? Are you seeking new ways to approach challenges? Are you looking to build more resilience as a leader?

  • A deeper understanding on how to manage your thoughts and emotions
  • Structured decision making tools to overcome obstacles
  • A practice that fosters learning and supports your growth

The humans behind humans@work

Anshul Kamath

Part human, with a dash of data

Apart from heading data science at an impact start-up, Anshul runs workshops for individuals striving to be their best selves at work. Obsessed with careers of significance, his focus is unlocking human potential at work.

Nadia Piet

Part human, stirred with a little crazy

Nadia is a human-centered & experience designer, business innovation student, and emerging tech enthusiast. As a freelancer, she has worked with a range of clients across 9 countries to design and implement solutions.

Benjamin Lane

Part human, mixed with magic

Ben plays at the intersection of business innovation and social change. He is a former Bain consultant working with a range of organisations and individuals to build sustainable strategies and grow impactful teams.

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